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Like Me - Interactive performance, performed March 2012 at Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, GA as part of
Tans / Position. Participate in-person by attending the reception and/or online via Facebook between 7-10p 3/23.

Like Me, Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 3.23.12



Like Me

Like Me 01   Like Me 02



Eternity & Grandma's Fridge - Performative installation during supra + natura exhibition at MINT Gallery.

Eternity & Grandma's Fridge - 10.7.11 MINT Gallery, Atlanta, GA





Dialogue with Dad - Multimedia performance, performed February 2011 at Agnes Scott University during "My Sweet Sweet..."

Dialogue with Dad, 2011






Love Letters to the Sea
In his powerful and deeply personal performance, "Love Letters to the Sea", artist James O’Donnell recounts his discovery of 15 journals left behind by his deceased mother who suffered from schizophrenia. Searching for meaning in madness, James relives his childhood traumas in his search to discover a woman he never really knew and perhaps even salvation. Through spoken-word, video, and performance, James brings to life his mother's hidden world. Desperately seeking answers, he explores memories, life, death, and ultimately love. Don’t miss the performance called "unforgettable," "achingly beautiful," and "devastatingly stunning".

Love Letters to the Sea - 9.9.11 Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA



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