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Sample Syllabi: 2D Design | Intro to Studio
Intro to Studio Checklist (2011)
No Trespassing Webquest (secondary) w/ Laura Hein (2004)
  My Teaching Philosophy Portfolio (2005)
Mr. O'Donnell's Visual Arts Classroom (primary)

When I'm not making art, I'm teaching art. I hope to do this the rest of my life. I am a passionate advocate for art education as well as its advancement at all levels, primarily through the 4 "C"s - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking. I'm also interested in creative play, gamification, technology, and backwards design. Currently, I'm very happy to be teaching undergrad Art Foundation courses.



Press "PLAY" Gamification in Art Education (pdf)

Are You Game? Fun in the Art Room (pdf)

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Recent Student Evaluations:

"James gives students the freedom to be themselves creatively which allows students to create personal, meaningful works. James challenges students to go above-and-beyond their potentials in order to inspire innovative thinking, and provides encouraging feedback to students throughout the entire creative process. James is a great mentor for both art and life issues."

"I found that as a[n] art education student James had the best understanding and clear ability to communicate and entice the intellectual and creative process."

"Really great professor. Really challenged me to think in a different way."

"Wonderful instructor! Would take another class with him in a heartbeat."

"I appreciated the approach [he] took in developing us as creative thinkers and innovative developers. He valued our individuality and challenged us to think on our own."

"...I think James not only embraces creativity, but he encourages it...I believe James' passion for teaching and art reflect in his work, which also made his class very enjoyable for me. I didn't feel intimidated when presenting my art to him or the class, which was a problem for me in the past..."

"My favorite art teacher thus far; he conducts class without dictating our ideas, and lets us express ourselves freely. The nontraditional methods of critiquing and running class made it easier to cooperate and learn. I was never stuck for ideas, and I have learned a lot about art, as well as being a teacher."


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